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Who Is MadMullah

MadMullah ?

Our Mad Mullah Brand is a pop of Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan as known as the Mad Mullah a name given to him by his mortal enemy, the British Empire. Sayid was the leader of the Dervish Army, and one of the most influential men to ever emerge from East Africa. The Sayid was an anti-colonialist, and the father of Somali nationalism. He was a man who took on the British in battle, along with the Italians, and the Ethiopians, all in the name of Somali sovereignty. The man who was the first human being ever bombed in the world, well before bombs were known as a tool in war. At the time (late 1800s early 1900s) Somali was an oral language, a land regarded as “the land of the poets”. The Sayid was such a great poet, that after all his battles, he’d poetically illustrate all of his encounters with the colonizers and how the battles went down. He was a man who united the region through his words more than his sword, and his poems are sung to this day 100 years later. Through our “Mad Mullah” Brand we celebrate Sayid Muhammad Abdullahi Hassan a leader, freedom fighter and one talented artist!.

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